Love Your Money

by Mary Ann Marriott, CIRP, LIT
February 14, 2022

It’s the month of Love! In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share some tips on how you can send some much-needed love to your money. You have a relationship with money, much like you have a relationship with your spouse, friend or sibling. I invite you to consider how you treat your money. Do you respect it, admire it, love it? Or do you get frustrated and angry with it?

Much like everything else, the energy you put out to your money (your bills, credit cards, etc.) will reflect back to you. If you’re not enjoying money the way you think you should, perhaps it’s time to show it some love. Here are 10 tips to love your money:

Appreciate the money that comes in:

  • Write a positive affirmation of gratitude on your paycheck/paystub/bank statement every time money comes in. Write love notes such as “Thank you for supporting my lifestyle,” “I appreciate you coming to me every month,” or “I love money and money loves me.” Get creative and have fun!
  • When someone pays for your services, thank them - either in person or in written form. When someone buys a product or service from you, put a note in the order that says, “Thank you for supporting me,” or thank them on your social media.
  • When some unexpected money comes in, take a moment to get excited and thank it or thank the source. You might just offer some thanks to your chosen higher power – God, the Universe, well-wishers - for always supporting you in unexpected ways.
  • When you get your income tax refund, express gratitude for the windfall, regardless of how big or small. Take a moment to truly appreciate what it means to you, and how you can put it to good use.
  • Thank the government for giving you extra cash flow such as the quarterly GST payments, CERB or any number of supportive payments. I know this is a tough one for some, but and essentially, it is your money. So go ahead and thank yourself and every other citizen of your nation for contributing to the greater good.

Appreciate the money that goes out: (Ok, this one can be arguably a tad more difficult, and may require some practice)

  • Every time you pay a bill, do it with gratitude. For example, you can thank the power company for keeping the lights on, the phone company for connecting you with loved ones or your mortgage lender for approving the loan that gives you a roof over your head.
  • Think of the less tangible payments – such as home or life insurances – in new ways. Take a moment to thank the companies that provide these services for giving you security and peace of mind. That is, after all, what you are paying for.
  • Write a token of appreciation on the bill you are paying, or the cheque you are writing. It is all going towards helping you lead the lifestyle that you and your family want.
  • Pay for an item with love, from the heart and bless the money on its journey. Consider how your money is helping others. For example, if you are buying something at a local hardware store, perhaps you bless that money so it goes to the owners and employees of that store to help them live a better life. Every cent you spend is helping someone else. That’s very powerful.
  • Pay your taxes with a grateful heart. This last one has to be one of the hardest. Thank the government for providing you services such as roads to drive on, medical care to take care of your health, etc. It’s easy to get stuck in the mentality of “They are not doing enough,” but it is exactly that kind of thinking that stops the flow of money to and from you.

If you want money to show up in your life and support you, then you have to show it some love. You have to support it, nurture it, and have an ongoing positive relationship with it. Show it some gratitude today and see what shows up for you tomorrow. 

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