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Mandatory Professional Development

Why is MPD necessary?

Mandatory Professional Development provides credibility to and confidence in CAIRP and our members.

CAIRP’s value statement is that CAIRP and its members are committed to professionalism, trustworthiness and objectivity. We therefore believe that our members have a professional responsibility to refresh and to add to the skills they apply to their work.

MPD Requirement

The minimum requirement of professional development is 20 hours per membership year. CAIRP believes that the majority of our members would exceed the minimum requirement.

The Board of Directors or the Executive Committee has some discretion to vary this requirement if a member was not been practicing for a total of 6 months or more due to exceptional circumstances.

Bylaw No. 2 of 2010 abolished the requirement for all members to file a detailed report of the professional development hours each year. Instead, members are required to file a Mandatory MPD Compliance Declaration annually when renewing their membership and CAIRP carries out a random audit following that.

Guidelines and Requirements