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CQP Connect… A great place to find a ‘study buddy’!

CAIRP would like to invite all articling associates to take advantage of our CQP Connect discussion group.

CQP Connect, available through LinkedIn groups, is a place where you can meet other articling associates and become part of the CQP/Insolvency Community. We’ve created this virtual meeting place at the request of candidates who want to network with colleagues in various different types of practices,  whether consumer or corporate, local, regional or national, large or small, etc., in order to gain insight into a more varied breadth of experience through interaction.

By joining CQP Connect, you can make that connection early in the program as you are going through the course materials rather than waiting until near the end - at the CNIE Tutorial, for example, where such connections have typically been made.

CQP Connect works as an online introduction portal and discussion group, where you can find your peers in the program, then take your connections offline to share and communicate. It’s our hope that CQP Connect will open the door to the formation of study groups, which function well in the virtual world in which we now live. It’s a place where you can share ideas and knowledge – in both English and French – while getting involved in the insolvency and restructuring community.