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Comlan Innocent Boko

June 13, 2023
Senior Consultant,
Consumer Insolvency
MNP Ltd.
Rimouski, Québec

What drives Comlan Innocent Boko is being of service to people, helping them get a fresh start and build a better financial foundation.

He launched his career in finance after obtaining a Master’s degree in Business Administration (Management) from from Université de Paris XII. He worked in the financial sector for Caisse Desjardins and in project management and strategic planning for various companies. Then he happened upon the insolvency industry.

“It appealed to me because I saw in this profession a chance to be somewhat of a hybrid social worker, which fit my desire to be of service,” he says. He joined MNP Ltd., one of Canada’s leading corporate insolvency and restructuring firms, in January 2018.

MNP’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees work in 30 key urban and rural centres, with offices in Quebec as well as Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Living and working in the same communities as clients gives the teams the insight into local markets to deliver personalized solutions.

That’s exactly what Comlan does. He particularly enjoys helping clients find a solution to their financial situation, and the smiles that result when that happens. He also likes that no day is the same, because each situation and each case is unique and must be treated differently.

That means there’s no room for boredom in this job. This is both an opportunity and a challenge, requiring deep knowledge of bankruptcy and insolvency laws to decide how the law applies to each case.

For those considering the profession, Comlan advises that listening skills and being attentive are a necessary part of this job, because it’s so important that clients feel listened to and heard. Empathy and a professional attitude are also important, as is the desire to help others.

“It’s also an environment where you can evolve professionally,” Comlan adds. “You can obtain your license and become a Trustee and also a partner in a firm. Or, you can be self-employed and run your own business. Either way, if you have a desire to help others and guide them on basic financial management, the insolvency industry could be for you.”

For Comlan, being of service extends to the community where he lives. As an example, he’s on the board of directors of ACEF Rimouski Neigette, which informs, educates and helps people with their personal budgeting.