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Roger Groves

November 22, 2023
Assistant Vice-President
Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc.
Toronto, Ontario

Roger Groves wasn’t aware there was an insolvency industry during high school and as a young adult. But the seeds of his future success were sown back then, when his ability to help his peers solve financial and other problems made him the “go to” person for advice.

“I enjoyed supporting people through challenging times, especially when they said speaking with me was instrumental in creating a path to solve their issues,” Roger says.

That same skill and caring have been the foundation of what is now a more than 30-year career. He’s helped solved credit and tax problems for thousands of individuals and business owners across the Greater Toronto Area, southwestern Ontario and Muskoka.

The official journey to becoming an Insolvency Administrator began in an unlikely place: studies in Theatre/Acting at Seneca Polytechnic. After hearing about the difficulty students faced in landing jobs after graduation, Roger switched gears. He earned a business certificate at Seneca, and was hired in 1991 at national accounting and insolvency firm BDO in Ontario.

As a Junior Estate Administrator, he learned how to prepare documents for corporate bankruptcy and receivership. His role expanded to include helping debtors find solutions to financial circumstances and providing credit counselling to individual bankruptcies and proposals. He also opened and worked at the firm’s satellite offices in Brampton and Etobicoke, Ontario.

Along the way, Roger honed his skills in a three-year course with Certified General Accountants of Ontario, a Credit Counselling course at Toronto Metropolitan University (then Ryerson) and the CAIRP Insolvency Administration program. He is now eligible to write the final examination to become a License Insolvency Trustee.

In 2006, he moved to Kunjar Sharma & Associates Inc., a family-owned boutique firm launched in 2004 in Ontario. Roger helped support the firm’s growth from one Trustee to four.

Roger works closely with financially stressed individuals and business owners to use creative solutions that make financial renewal possible. He is one of the firm’s representatives at bankruptcy courts in Ottawa, London and Toronto, where debtor/creditor disputes are resolved.

The role can be challenging, and Roger is aware of the value of work/life balance, physical health and community building. “Developing strong time management skills has helped me find that balance,” he says.

He is also aware of the work to be done for the industry to reflect the diversity in Canada. “Hard work, dedication and receiving positive mentoring helped me become a proud member of the industry,” he says. “I value mentorship and giving back to the community, and share the lessons I have learned throughout my journey to support young professionals with their careers.”

Roger recommends Insolvency Administrator as a career for its opportunities for growth and career development. “As well, due to the nature of the position, you can obtain great personal satisfaction from the variety of issues that make every day exciting, different and intellectually stimulating,” he adds.