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Please complete the below application if you are a first time Student at CAIRP.
If you are currently a CQP Candidate or taking either IA or PCIC, please contact Benjamin Lecointre at .


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Program Selection

Please read the below sections carefully, and only complete the questions applicable to the program you have selected.

For PCIC Application Complete the Following

Are you a member of CAIRP/Articling Associate?  Y    N

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Sponsor's Declaration

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Presiding Officer Agreement to Preside & Confidentiality Statement

 Yes   I agree to undertake the responsibilities of a Presiding Officer, as outlined therein and in the 2019/2020 PCIC Information Package.

 Yes   I give my personal undertaking that I will maintain the confidentiality of and safeguard the exam documents provided to me prior to the examination.

 Yes   I agree to remain in the exam room until the exam is complete. Should I have to leave the examination room at any time during the exam, I will arrange for a replacement and submit a report to the Registrar’s office, signed by both myself and the person who acted as my replacement.

 Yes   In the event that I am unable to fulfill my commitment as Presiding Officer, I undertake to find an eligible substitute and to notify the CQP Office immediately so that the appropriate arrangements can be made.

License Insolvency Trustee Agreement to Assess the Reflections Assignments (to be completed by the LIT)

*If you cannot find a LIT to assess your assignment you must contact CAIRP prior to your registration for the course. An assessment fee will be charged.

For Insolvency Administration Application Complete the Following

Work Experience

Summarize your work experience in insolvency, describing your present position and the nature and size of assignments on which you have worked, your level of responsibilities and description of duties. (This information will be kept in your student file and is strictly to provide background information on each new student)

Number of years/months of work in insolvency: yrs / months

Student Declaration

 Yes   I hereby apply for registration in CAIRP's Insolvency Administration course. I agree to complete the online studies in a timely and professional manner, in accordance with the Course Policy and Guidelines. I agree to give immediate notice to the Association of any change of address, firm, or employer. I undertake not to apply to take the exam without having properly and successfully completed the nineteen-lesson course.

I further give my personal undertaking that I will safeguard the password given to me by D2L and maintain the confidentiality of the online Competency Assessments. I further declare that I will not allow any other person to view the online assignments either directly or indirectly, through use of my password and I acknowledge that the course material and Competency Assessments are and remain the property of the Association and that they may not be copied or reproduced.

I understand that this course will not lead to acceptance into the CIRP Qualification Program (CQP) also offered by the Association, nor will it exempt me from the normal pre-requisites to enter that program. I further declare that the foregoing is a true and correct record of my business experience.

Sponsor's Declaration

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I wish to receive a hard copy of the Rebuilding Success magazine via mail.
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You are encouraged to answer the self-identification question below. Your response is voluntary and information collected is protected under the Privacy Act and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and will be used for statistical purposes only.

Which of the following groups do you identify (you may self-identify in more than one group):
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 Person with a disability