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  1. I am ordinarily resident in Canada;
  2. I am of good character and reputation;
  3. I am not in a state of insolvency as defined in the licensing directive;
  4. I have no criminal record;
  5. I am in good standing and not subject to any current disciplinary action by any professional organization of which I am a member;
  6. I have not resigned from or let my membership lapse in any professional organization, except as a member in good standing.

 Yes   I solemnly declare that I have reviewed, understand, and will strictly adhere to the CAIRP Rules of Professional Conduct, Standards of Professional Practice and Bylaws, and if applicable, that I have complied to CAIRP’s Mandatory Professional Development (MPD) requirements.

 Yes  To the best of my knowledge, there are no disciplinary proceedings or investigations in progress against me by the Superintendent of Bankruptcy or any other professional body or association, or with respect to any matter in which I am engaged.

 Yes  I understand that the Insolvency Administrator Associate (IAA) standing requires a yearly payment of dues. I also understand that if my application is approved, my IAA standing will expire on March 31 each year and that I am required to renew and pay for the dues starting April 1, regardless of the time of my application. (Please email if you have any questions.)


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