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Consumer insolvency in Alberta rises 26 per cent, report says
Freida Richer, Grant Thornton
Edmonton Journal

Why Are So Many Canadians in Debt?
Pattie Lovett-Reid
CTV/Business News Network

New federal mortgage rules may be too late for Metro Vancouver
Blair Mantin
The Vancouer Province

Canadians Carrying Consumer Debt in 2016 Face Tough Odds
Doug Hoyes
Huffington Post Blog

Paying Down Debt
Leanne Salyzyn
Global TV News, Halifax

High debt loads hurt Albertans amid increasing joblessness
Donna Carson, CPA, CGA, CIRP
The Globe and Mail

Why is an indicator of debt stress rising?
Donna Cairns, CIRP
The Globe and Mail Online with Rob Carrick

Opera Lyra owed National Arts Centre almost $1M says bankruptcy trustee Chantal Gingras
CBC News

Canadian household debt ratio hits highest level on record
Lana Gilbertson, CIRP

By Emma Crawford Hampel, Business In Vancouver

Millennials’ lack of debt may be a sign of trouble
Douglas Hoyes, CPA, CIRP, CBV
By Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail

Canadians and credit debt
Lana Gilbertson, CIRP
Vancouver Sun website

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians borrowing beyond their means
Ian Penney, CA, CIRP

CBC News

SCC rules against toll-road operator in conflict over bankruptcy law
By Neil Etienne
Legal Feeds - The blog of Canadian Lawyer and The Law Times