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CAIRP is dedicated to educating and supporting our members across Canada. We encourage you to take a leadership role by getting involved with one of our committees or task forces. Volunteers earn Mandatory Professional Development hours.

Volunteers provide guidance and support, help promote best practices, create a positive image of the industry and the association, and ensure that we have a voice and that it is heard. Volunteers also contribute to the membership planning and implementing educational and networking events, and by overseeing the sound governance and administration of the association. 

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Some of Our Essential Committees:

Corporate Practice Committee

Led by senior corporate practitioners, and representing members who practice primarily corporate and commercial insolvency, the Committee’s goal is to identify changes required in the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) , the Canadian Business Corporations Act (CBCA), the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA), the Winding-Up and Restructuring Act (WURA), and relevant legislation to improve the system. Comprised of a Chair, Vice-Chair and eight members.

Consumer Practice Committee 

This committee will address issues affecting consumer insolvency proceedings which have national implications from a policy or practice perspective.  

Commercial Program (CAIRP Exchange) Committee

Senior representatives from major commercial firms, supported by one major law firm, plan and organize the annual Commercial Insolvency and Restructuring Program held in the first quarter of the year. The program attracts corporate members and other key stakeholders in the insolvency arena who converge for the opportunity to hear and discuss key, current issues impacting commercial insolvency and restructuring.

Continuing Education Committee

Committee members from across Canada plan and organize day-long continuing education sessions, which are held every spring. The sessions, geared to both consumer and mid-market corporate practitioners, are held in 6 cities throughout the month.  The Forum focuses on providing informative and engaging content, as well as the opportunity for members and professionals in the insolvency community to network and build valuable business relationships.

CQP Committee

Responsible for the governance, implementation and maintenance of the CIRP Qualification Program, including the development of course materials and assessments. The CQP oversees several important volunteer-led subcommittees, including the Course Material Review Committee, the Exam

Oversight Committee, the Core Knowledge Exam Board, the CNIE Exam Board and the CNIE Appeal Board, as well as the CNIE Marking Centre. The committee consists of five individuals, 3 ex-officio members (including one from the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy), CAIRP’s Director of Education Programs and a Board of Directors liaison.

Intervention Committee

Considers member requests for intervention by CAIRP in court proceedings in order to protect the integrity of the bankruptcy and insolvency system. Provides recommendations to the Executive Committee when an issue has national importance/implications, or impacts established insolvency practices, or affects the objectives of federal insolvency legislation. (CAIRP was granted intervener status in the Indalex case). 

New Members Committee

Focuses on initiatives that allow new members to participate in the implementation of CAIRP’s strategic plan. Provides a voice for CQP students and members who have had their CIRP for less than five years. Initiatives include increasing involvement among new members, promoting the CIRP mark, acting as a resource for the development and implementation of the education program, assisting in CAIRP’s advocacy efforts to promote the profession.

Communications Committee

Reviews all communications disseminated to CAIRP members and external audiences. Consists of the Chair and Vice-Chair of CAIRP, a member representative and the President and Chief Operating Officer of CAIRP (ex-officio member).

Finance Committee

Oversees the financial management and reporting of CAIRP, including the development of the annual budget. The Committee is comprised of the Treasurer, past Treasurer and up to two general members who are Chartered Accountants, as well as the Director of Finance and Administration, and the President and Chief Operating Officer.     

Nominating Committee

A standing committee of the Board of Directors, responsible for nominating the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer of CAIRP, as well as members of the Board of Directors, and the Chair and Vice-Chair of all Board Committees, in accordance with CAIRP’s bylaws. Consists of the current Chair, immediate past Chair, a CICA member and two CAIRP members, (these individuals may not be members of the Executive Committee and one must not be a member of the Board).

Professional Conduct Committee

Investigates matters where a member appears to contravene the Bylaws, Rules of Professional Conduct or Standards of Professional Practice of CAIRP, or where there is doubt as to the competence, reputation or integrity of a member. Takes action in accordance with a determination or complaint. Consists of a Chair and a Vice-Chair (not members of the Board of Directors) and one regional representative appointed by each Provincial Association.

Honours And Awards Nominating Committee

Promotes professional recognition of CIRPs and CAIRP through awards, including the Fellowship to the Board, the Keith G. Collins Award, the Outstanding Volunteer Award and the recognition of Honourary Members. The Chair is a former Chair of the association and the Committee may designate members at large.

Editorial Advisory Board Committee

Responsible for editorial content for Rebuilding Success, the industry magazine that targets diverse stakeholders and advertisers, enhances awareness and equity of the CAIRP brand and the CIRP Certification Program, and serves the education and advocacy requirements of CAIRP members. The Board consists of individuals from diverse stakeholder groups in the Canadian insolvency arena. 

Annual Conference Committee

Plans and administers the conference, which takes place annually in August. Consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair and four members from the region where the conference is being held. The Vice-Chair resides where the following year’s Conference will take place.  

Task Forces

As the need arises, the Board may also establish Task Forces with specific mandates and timelines.

Discipline Committee

Empowered to impose disciplinary action on members, the Committee consists of a Chair and Vice-Chair, in addition to no fewer than ten panel members appointed by the Board. Adjudicates confirmed determinations referred by the Professional Conduct Committee, and conducts hearings as prescribed by the Chairman of the Committee and CAIRP’s bylaws.