Canada Revenue Agency Insolvency Workload Transition

April 13, 2017

In line with the Canada Revenue Agency’s (“CRA”) goal to maximise efficiencies during this time of fiscal restraint we have decided to reduce the number of Insolvency Intake Centres (previously known as the Regional Intake Centres for Insolvency) from five to two commencing in April 2017. As done previously, these intake centers will process all of the documentation intended for the CRA relating to new and/or ongoing insolvency proceedings filed pursuant to the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act, the Companies Creditors Arrangement Act, the Farm Debt Mediation Act and the Winding-Up and Restructuring Act and, where necessary, direct trustee enquiries relating to ongoing proceedings to the appropriate CRA representative.

We would like to request that you share the following information with members of your respective provincial associations to ensure the effective transformation of the CRA insolvency workload.

An Insolvency Intake Centre (IIC) will no longer exist in the:

  • Prairie region – Edmonton Tax Services Office
  • Atlantic region – Nova Scotia Tax Services Office
  • Ontario region – London-Windsor Tax Services Office

The two remaining Insolvency Intake Centres will be relocated in the:

  • Quebec Region—Shawinigan-Sud National Verification and Collection Centre (for the Ontario and Quebec taxpayers)
  • Pacific Region—Surrey National Verification and Collection Centre (for the Altantic, Prairies and Pacific taxpayers)

To avoid delays in the processing of insolvency documents previously handled by the Atlantic, Prairies and Pacific regions, please ensure that the address and fax number(s) for the Pacific IIC are used as of April 12, 2017. The addresses and fax numbers for intake of insolvency documents into the Atlantic, Prairies and PacificRegional Intake Centres will no longer exist after April 12, 2017

The fax numbers for intake of insolvency documents from the Ontario and Quebec regions will have a staggered start-up date.  For insolvency documents within the Quebec region, the address and fax number(s) for the Quebec IIC should be used as of April 12, 2017.  For Ontario regions documents, the existing address and fax number will continue to operate until May 1, 2017, after which time the address and fax number(s) for the Quebec IIC should be used.    

The contact information provided on the Government of Canada website for the IICs is being updated to reflect the changes referenced above.

Appendix A of the  " Key Insolvency Documentation Processing Areas at the CRA page on the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy website, at the following link is being updated to advise you where to send key insolvency documentation to the CRA. Until that website is updated, please note the revised information below:

Pacific Insolvency Intake Centre
Surrey National Verification and Collection Centre
Canada Revenue Agency
9755 King George Boulevard
Surrey BC  V3T 5E1

Telephone (toll free): 1-866-891-7403
Fax (toll free): 1-866-219-0311

Quebec Insolvency Intake Centre
Shawinigan – Sud National Verification and Collection Centre
Canada Revenue Agency
4695 Shawinigan-Sud Blvd.
Shawinigan QC  G9P 5H9

Telephone (toll free): 1-866-248-1576
Fax (toll-free)(Quebec proceedings): 1-800-567-9325
Fax (toll-free)(Ontario proceedings): 1-866-229-0839

Ontario (valid only until May 1, 2017)

Canada Revenue Agency
London-Windsor Tax Services Office
Revenue Collections Division
451 Talbot Street, 3rd Floor
London, ON  N6A 4R3
Telephone: 1-855-216-2969
Fax: 519-645-5397