About the ICQC

Canadian regulations under the Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act (BIA) require that individuals who counsel debtors in trustees' offices and credit counselling services become registered Insolvency Counsellors.

As a result, the Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional Qualification Program (CQP), through the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP), offered the Insolvency Counsellor's Qualification Course - the ICQC.

On January 29, 2018, the Office of the Superintendent in Bankruptcy issued Directive No. 1R4 Counselling in Insolvency Matters (https://www.ic.gc.ca/eic/site/bsf-osb.nsf/eng/br03864.html), which comes into effect on October 1st, 2018.

The Directive states that a new course (the Practical Course in Insolvency Counselling), will replace the ICQC as an educational requirement to become a BIA Registered Insolvency Counsellor.

The final date for the ICQC exam is on June 28, 2018. Registration for this exam is CLOSED.

The PCIC is currently in development and is scheduled to begin sometime in early 2019. Please stay tuned for more information about this course.

If you have any questions, or require additional information, contact Mélanie Wilson-Nikolov, Director, CAIRP Education Programs at melanie.wilson-nikolov@cairp.ca