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It is the mission of the CAIRP Honours and Awards Nominating Committee (HANC) to "promote professional recognition of CIRPs and CAIRP by identifying and nominating members to receive CAIRP honours and awards". Each year the HANC Committee accepts and reviews nominations for the distinguished awards described below.

New Member’s Award of Merit

The award is intended to acknowledge and distinguish those New Members who have obtained their CIRP within the past five years and who have brought excellence to their profession through their leadership and achievements in various aspects of their personal and professional life. The New Member’s Award of Merit promotes CAIRP’s future leaders by encouraging newer members of the profession to demonstrate standards of best practice, excellence, integrity, innovation, dedication and balance. Candidates should clearly demonstrate their commitment to CAIRP’s core values and promote its members as the “Go-to Professionals” for expertise, information and solutions regarding insolvency and restructuring.


Recipients of the New Member’s Award of Merit will have demonstrated excellence and a special distinction in one or more of the following areas of service and achievement:

Volunteer Leadership in CAIRP

Volunteer leadership in service and achievement in contributing towards the advancement of CAIRP as a recognized leader in promoting professional excellence and adherence to ethical practise. To achieve this standard, the recipient will have honoured the values of the Association and participated in undertakings on behalf of the Association in one or more of the following areas: (i) education (through sponsorship, teaching and/or mentoring of articling associates, advancement and further development of the CQP program, oral board process, publication and/or other learning tools to advance knowledge); (ii) advocacy (through thought leadership, student outreach (including to academic institutions), stakeholder communication, global alignment and cooperation with foreign regulators (governing bodies) and aligned professional organizations (such as INSOL, TMA, ABI and others) and/or other media that promote a positive positioning of the Association amongst the key constituents of the insolvency and restructuring field); (iii) professional recognition (through public outreach and education, media outreach, promoting brand recognition and other endeavours at the instance of the Association that align with its core vision and values).

Volunteer Service in Other Community Organizations

Conspicuous volunteer leadership and achievement with charitable, civic, political, and other community-based organizations. To achieve this standard, the recipient will have: (i) demonstrated exceptional stewardship in advancing the interests of the enterprise in a manner consistent with its core vision and values; and (ii) promoted recognition of CAIRP and/or the professionalism associated with being a CIRP through demonstrated leadership, adherence to personal and professional values, and achievement of positive outcomes.

Nomination Form

Outstanding Volunteer Award (OVA)

Established by the Executive Committee in 2008, the OVA is intended to acknowledge the fine work of individuals who have provided exemplary service to the Association, and to thank them for their contribution as a volunteer. The recipient may be recognized for a collected list of activities over a period of several years or alternatively, for their service related to one particular activity.  


The nominee may be a member or non-member of the Association.  The proposer must demonstrate that the nominee has:

  1. Provided exemplary service to the Association, through their volunteer service during one or multiple activities; OR
  2. Continuous service throughout their career, as could be recognized upon his/her retirement.   

Should you wish to recommend a recipient, please email your nominating letter to ATTN: Honours and Awards Nominating Committee,

OVA Recipients 

2017 - John Frederick Delo, CMA, LIT, BA, CIRP - Farber Financial Group; Craig Andrew Munro, CA, B.Sc., CIRP - FTI Consulting Canada Inc.

2016 - Catherine Hristow, CPA, CMA, CIRP 

2015 - Bruce Clarke, Q.C. and Jennifer McCracken, CIRP

2014 - Lynn DeLaBarre, CPA, CIRP, Carol McGran, CPA, CIRP and Brenda M. Wood, CIRP

2013 - Derrick J. Hutchens, CIRP  

2012 - Brenda Wood, CIRP and David Wood, CIRP

2011 - Apolonia D'Sa, CIRP

2010 - Uwe Manski, FCPA, FCIRP, Geoff Orrell, CIRP and Jean-Daniel Breton, CPA, FCIRP

2009 - Perry Krieger, MBA, CIRP

2008 - Angela Pollard, CMA, FCIRP and Robert (Bob) Fontaine, FCIRP (ret.)

Keith G. Collins Memorial Award

Keith G. Collins FCIRP, served as the President of CAIRP (then known as the Canadian Insolvency Association), from 1980 – 1981. He died in 2006 at the age of 71.  Keith was a gentleman and a professional.  He was respected within the profession and the community for his integrity, courtesy and commitment.  Both the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals and the Institute of Chartered Accountants recognized his contributions by awarding him Fellowships, their highest honour.   

In 2007, CAIRP created the Keith G. Collins Memorial Award, in order to recognize Keith as a role model who others in the profession, or aspiring to join the profession, should follow.


This award will be presented periodically to members of the Association who have held their CIRP for a minimum of 5 years and are pursuing their careers in Insolvency and Restructuring. Worthy recipients will have demonstrated that they are following in the footsteps of Keith G. Collins.  The award will recognize the qualities associated with the Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional (CIRP) mark.  

Nominees for the award should exhibit the following characteristics:  

  • Integrity  
  • Courtesy  
  • Professionalism  
  • Respected by their peers  
  • Respectful of others  
  • Unpretentious  
  • Committed to the profession  
  • Willingness to share knowledge  
  • Community service  

Please note: A member who has been awarded a CAIRP Fellowship is not eligible to receive this award.  

KGC Memorial Award Recipients

2017 - Timothy Alder Carson, CIRP (ret.)

2016 - No recipient

2015 - Ian Penney, CPA, CIRP

2014 - Carl Ritchie, CIRP (ret.) and Andrea Yandreski, CPA, CIRP

2013 - Stanley J. Ruthen, CIRP (ret.)

2011 - Michael Thomas Cheevers, CPA, CBV, CFE, CIRP

2010 – Rob Deniset, CPA, CIRP (ret.)

2009 – Walter MacKinnon, CPA, CIRP (ret.)

2008 – David Bromwich, CIRP

Nomination Form

Fellowship Award

The Fellowship is the highest honour the Association can bestow on a member.   

Criteria for election as a fellow

Nominee for the award should exhibit the following characteristics (supported by examples):  

  1. Has given distinguished services to the Association 
  2. Has brought distinction to the profession in the pursuit of his/her career 
  3. Has promoted the CIRP Designation – and used it throughout his/her career 
  4. Has had continuous involvement with the Association throughout his/her career 
  5. Has been recognized by his/her peers for his contribution
  6. The nominee could also have made a significant contribution to the field of Canadian Insolvency Practice.  

Please Note: 

To ensure that all the relevant information to the process has been gathered, the proposer and/or the seconder should contact the nominee’s business associates, assistant, and if deemed appropriate, his/her spouse.   

The President and Chief Operating Officer of the Association shall review each nomination form prior to its submission to the Honours and Awards Nominating Committee. The President shall inform the proposer and seconder if any amendments have been made to the nomination form.  

Fellow Chartered Insolvency and Restructuring Professional (FCIRP) Recipients

2016: Paul Casey, CPA, CA, CIRP – Deloitte Restructuring Inc.

2015: Leanne Salyzyn, FCIRP

2013: David A. Johnson, CGA, FCIRP • David A. Howe, CPA, CMA, FCIRP

2012: Kevin Brennan, CPA, FCIRP, Chair 2009-2011 • Jean-Daniel Breton, CPA, FCIRP

2010: Douglas G. Collins, CGA, FCIRP • Angela K. Pollard, CMA, FCIRP • Alan H. Spergel, CPA, FCIRP, Chair 2007-2009

2009: Robert J. Fontaine, FCIRP (ret.) • Claude Gilbert, CPA, FCIRP, IAS.A, Chair 2005-2007

2007: Derek G. Cramm, CMA, FCIRP

2006: William (Bill) A. Courage, CPA, FCIRP, Chair 2003-2005

2005: Bryan Tannenbaum, CPA, FCIRP

2004: Larry Prentice, CPA, FCIRP, Chair 2001-2003, 2015-2016 • Mark Rosen, LLB, FCIRP

2003: Donna L. Collins, FCIRP

2002 Guylaine Houle, BCL, FCIRP, Chair 2011-2013 • Peter D. Wedlake, LLB, FCIRP, Chair 1999-2001

2000: Craig G. Bushell, FCIRP • Robert O. Sanderson, CPA, FCIRP (ret.), Chair 1997-99

1998: Ralph Peterson, CPA, FCIRP (ret.), President 1996-97 • Charles J. Zizzo, FCIRP (ret.)

1997: Paul Bertrand, FCIRP • Paul Goodman, FCA, FCIRP (ret.) • John D. Hobbs, FCIRP • Martin A. Linsley, FCA, FCIRP • Gilles Savard, FCIRP (ret.)

1996 – the first 17 Past Chairs of the Association: L. Claude Mercure, CPA, FCIRP (ret.), 1979-80 • Keith G. Collins, FCIRP, 1980-81 • Ian K. Strang, FCA, FCIRP (ret.), 1981-82 • C. Garth MacGirr, FCA, FCIRP (ret.), 1982-83 • Donald J. Henfrey, FCA, FCIRP (ret.), 1983-84 • Gary F. Colter, FCA, FCIRP (ret.), 1984-85 • John J. Swidler, BCL, FCPA, FCIRP, 1985-86 • Beverley Fowler, CPA, FCIRP (ret.), 1986-87 • Alan G. Driver, CPA, FCIRP (ret.), 1987-88 • George B. Lomas, FCA, FCIRP, 1988-89 • Terry McMullen, FCA, FCIRP (ret.), 1989-90 • Jean-Guy Daoust, FCIRP, 1990-91 • J. Alan MacKinnon, FCA, FCIRP (ret.), 1991-92 • Uwe Manski, FCPA, FCIRP, 1992-93 • William Drake, FCIRP, 1993-94 • Gilles Campeau, CPA, FCIRP (ret.), 1994-95 • Stephen H. Barnes, FCIRP (ret.), 1995-96

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